Meet Our Founder

I struggled with persistent acne, unbalanced skin (oily + dry), redness and scarring (yes, I picked my acne. I don’t recommend it.)  I suffered severe acne between my mid-twenties to my thirties. I literally tried every acne cream and product I could find. Unfortunately, even those of us with the best intentions for finding natural alternatives can be led astray by confusing marketing techniques and green washing.

Many consumers are turning to natural beauty products in the name of clearer skin but with so many skincare products now claiming to be natural and organic yet are hiding artificial nasties, it can be hard to find products that are 100% natural and gentle.

Purist Organics was established in 2017 in response to the ongoing ‘green washing’ of the beauty industry after searching far and wide for the cure to my own skin issues. This is what inspires us to ensure all of our products remain 100% safe. It is our believe that skincare should be natural and fun. Our purpose is to transform the way you approach skin care. By providing all-natural, herbal, and plant-based alternatives to traditionally used synthetic skincare. It is our believe that we can truly change the way your skin looks and feels simply by using ingredients that are found in nature.

Our products are made with pure ingredients that not only offer great health benefits and perform well, but also create amazing experience. We feel that you should never have to sacrifice effectiveness for safety and you shouldn’t have to give up fun scents, textures & colors to “go natural”. You CAN have it all.

Purist Organics is for men and women of colour and our skincare range is aimed at those with SENSITIVE & PROBLEMATIC skin. We exist to make products that will maintain your natural complexion, make it glow and keep it healthy.


  • Only safe ingredients are used to make our products — never any parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, or harmful synthetics. All of the colorants and fragrances we use are cosmetic safe.
  • We constantly work to educate ourselves and our customers on the best natural skin care ingredients.
  • We can promise you that the ingredients used to make each one of our products will always be safe.
  • Not only are our products developed to be as safe as possible for humans, but they are never tested on animals.
  • We love and use all of our products daily, as do our family & friends.
  • Our skin care products have been skillfully formulated and developed by experienced experienced Formulator.

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