Meet Our Founder

I struggled with persistent acne, unbalanced skin (oily + dry), redness, and scarring (yes, I picked my acne. I don’t recommend it.) I suffered severe acne between my mid-twenties to my thirties. Desperate for a solution, I explored every acne product within my reach. Unfortunately, navigating through this skincare maze proved to be daunting. Even with the best intentions to embrace natural alternatives, I found myself entangled in the complexities of confusing marketing techniques and greenwashing.

My journey to find products that are not harmful to use on the skin led me to harness the power of the continent’s natural ingredients to find a solution to my skincare problem – or at least manage my situation.

Purist Organics was born after many years of discoveries, research, trial and errors, commitment, and determination to innovate, invent, create, and stabilize my creativity. It has been a journey well worth every page of books read, years of studies and lots – and lots of experiments made. The ultimate goal was to design, formulate, and produce high-quality natural skincare products. The company’s dream came to existence from a collective frustration of not being able to easily find all-natural high-quality, reputable ingredients and products that are non-chemically enhanced. I was obsessed with my end-results!

The company name “Purist,” translates to “believing in and following the traditional rules or ideas of doing things.” Yes, I am such a purist, I believe in making skin products safe, from scratch and the way it should be – safe for me, my family, the customers and my environment. And the greatest satisfaction for me is to witness the transformative impact that our products have on the lives of our customers.

As a company, “Purist” perfectly encapsulates the brand’s identity and inspiration. We are HONEST, our products are NATURAL, and we consider everything we do BEAUTIFUL.

Backed by the latest scientific advancements, our formulations are meticulously crafted to harness the power of nature and science. We believe in the delicate balance between potent actives and natural ingredients, ensuring that every product delivers optimal results while respecting the integrity of your skin.

Every jar or bottle of our product contains confidence and self-love, the livelihood of local raw materials producers, superlatively sourced ingredients from best international suppliers, and unadulterated ingredients that give unadulterated benefits to the skin and hair. We have grown to become a lovely team – a family effort creating products with lots of love and passion for growth.


  • Only safe ingredients are used to make our products — never any parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, or harmful synthetics. All of the colorants and fragrances we use are cosmetic safe.
  • Our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness.
  • We constantly work to educate ourselves and our customers on the best natural skincare ingredients.
  • We can promise you that the ingredients used to make each one of our products will always be safe.
  • Not only are our products developed to be as safe as possible for humans, but they are never tested on animals.
  • We love and use all of our products daily, as do our family & most friends.
  • Our skincare products have been skillfully formulated and developed by experienced Formulators.

Shop Purist Organics with confidence – we value and respect you. We’ll never break our promises.