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Why Your Face Is Darker And Dull Than Your Body


The face and the exposed part of arms are usually much darker than the unexposed portion of the body. These parts of the body are darker because they are exposed to light and pollution. These areas of the skin get darker not only because of the exposure to the sun but to a certain extent; they are getting darker because the skin is toughening itself against the environment around it. It is safe to say that this is a protective mechanism of the skin. The face is considered the best part of the human body which you and I would like to present to the world, therefore, it should be seen as bright as possible—at least this is one of the things we desire in our skincare journey.

It is essential, therefore, to keep and maintain clear skin, make use of a sunscreen. Also use products that represent day-to-day means of managing recurrent hyperpigmentation of all kinds. These set of products do not offer a dramatic change that most people might expect to see over a few days. Remember, the pigmentation or the constitutional tone which went dark on your face is the accumulative exposure of many years – sometimes through school days and for most people other for some other reasons – read on to find out. But i must say that; the sunscreen, being a protective mechanism, cannot fix it all in a short time; however, it is an important part of the skincare regimen.

What to do:

In the night, you should start with some vitamin c based creams or serums, which is an excellent skin lightening agent and very safe to use. Other products to use are Glycolic acid-based products, which gently exfoliate the skin – use them as recommended to remove dead drab skin gently. Don’t ever be harsh with pigmented areas of your skin. When the skin is already dark, it means the skin is already sensitized to the sun. If you are going to try doing procedures like bleach the skin or scrubbing very often using harsh scrubs, the skin will go darker because that is how it protects itself.

How skin protects itself:

Skin does this by becoming thicker and by going darker. To avoid experiencing this, its best you exfoliate with a gentle scrub once or twice a week and your glycolic based products once or twice a week. Don’t forget to eat healthily by eating a lot of brightly colored vegetables and fruits because they have carotenes and bioflavonoids – they are natural antioxidants and natural skin lightening agents. For example, Vitamin C (kiwi, carrots, potatoes, cherries, citrus fruits, pineapple, kale, strawberries, blackcurrants, etc.) are some of the most important foodies that protect your skin and against the sun.

If you still feel that after doing all these steps for at least two to three months, your skin still looks dark and tough, then I think you need expert help. That’s when you see a dermatologist.

List of things that causes the darkening of the face
1) Overexposure to the sun.
2) Hormonal Imbalance/Hormonal fluctuations
3) Improper skincare products
4) Incorrect or Inconsistent skincare regime.
5) Hypersensitive Skin.
6) Squeezing Pimples.
7) Hormone-related diseases like Addison disease & Acanthosis Nigrigance.
8) Hemochromatosis.
9) Skin detox or purging when trying a new product or switching from synthetic to natural

What to do:
1) Use daily Sunscreen.
2) Follow the skincare routine.
3) Eat vitamin-rich fruits & vegetables.
4) Don’t harshly exfoliate the skin.
5) Use suitable skincare products.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Onyeka E

Amazing. Very informative. I am really glad you are finally posting here.


This post is really helpful. Thanks. About time I start using my sister’s vitamin c serum “wink”


Informative as always


Thanks Purist. Very informative!